The 65th In Silico Megabank Research Seminar(November 27, 2015)

The 65th In Silico Megabank Research Seminar will be held on Friday, November 27. This Time, we will be welcoming Dr. Toshimichi Yamamoto, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine as our lecturer, and he will be speaking on “Genetic Relationship of Human Population Viewing from Microsatellite on Autosomes and Y Chromosomes”.

・Date/Time: November 27 (Friday) 5:00 pm‐6:30 pm
・Venue: Small Conference Room 2(3rd Floor), Tohoku Medical Megabank Building
・Title: Genetic Relationship of Human Population Viewing from Microsatellite on Autosomes and Y Chromosomes – Mainly for Human Population in Japan and Nearly Countries –
・Lecturer: Toshimichi Yamamoto (Department of Legal Medicine and Bioethics, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine)

*This lecture is transferable as a class in the medical research-related lecture course.

・Abstract: Until now, various genetic researches on human population have been conducted using about 1M-long genome-wide SNPs analysis and whole genome sequence analysis. At the same time, in the field of Forensics, in order for individual identification and blood relationship, microsatellite (in forensics called STRs: short tandem repeats) is commercialized as a multiplex kit which enables grouping of over dozen loci and now universally used. With such data, it is possible to extrapolate ancestral human population of each individual to some extent. However, it is difficult to extrapolate ancestral line of relatively genetically-related human population in Japan and near countries. In this speech, using 105 STR loci data, genetic relationship of human populations in East and Southeast Asia and the possibility of statistical discrimination between Japanese and Chinese or Japanese and Korean are introduced.  In addition, Y-STRs have significance in the field of Forensics to test sexual offense and agnate blood relationship; commercialized kits are also widely used similar to autosomes. The result of Y-STRs haplotype network analysis using this kit on 5 areas of Mongol and that on ethnic minorities collaboratively conducted with RIKEN BRC are also introduced.

・Organizer: Yosuke Kawai, Masao Nagasaki