Division of Biomedical Information Analysis

In 2000, the draft sequence of the human genome was published, and in 2022, the complete human genome reference sequence from telomere to telomere was finally published. Instruments for measuring human genome sequence information have made remarkable progress, and just one instrument can measure whole-genome information from more than thousands of individuals per year. It allows large-scale cohort studies to obtain the whole-genome data of millions of participants in Japan and overseas combined.

In parallel, recent advances in measuring instruments at the single-cell level have led to remarkable progress in developing high-precision, large-scale information.

Our laboratory mainly focuses on the following three research topics;

  • large-scale life science data analysis by processing or developing the machine learning, deep learning, or quantum computing methods on the hybrid high-performance computing system.
  • the application of biomedical informatics analysis related to clinical, e.g., cancer and rare diseases, and population scale cohort samples, e.g., common diseases.
  • data analysis with systems biology to human data.

On-the-job training in real-world datasets from (i) to (iii), students educate as next-generation human resources with data analysis skills to the large-scale human genome, omics, and clinical data from the latest technologies from the biomedical domain.

Biological and Medical Keywords 

Population Genetics / Statistical Genetics / Human Genetic Variation / eQTL Analysis / Spatial Transcriptomics / Spatial Proteomics /Huge Scale Data Processing / High Performance Computing / Data-driven Knowledge Discovery / Multi-Omics Approach / Preventive Medicine

Information Science 

Otimization / Parameter Estimation
Discovery Science / Data Mining
Modeling / Petri net
Format / XML / Ontology / OWL
Data Structure and algorithm
Model Validation/ Model Checking/ Data Assimilation / Model Selection
Visualization / Graph layout Algorithm / Hybrid Cloud Computing
High performance computing / Cloud computing
Software Development / Quantum Computing

Bioinformatics, Systems Biology related keywords

Metabolic Pathway / Signal Transduction Pathway / Gene Regulatory Network
Biological Pathway Modeling and Simulation
Gene Expression Analysis
Pathway Database
Pathway Layout Algorithm
Pathway Data Assimilation
Pathway Model Validation and Checking
HiT-seq pipeline development
HiT-seq (DNA/RNA/Chip Sequence) Analysis

eQTL Analysis

IT keywords

Java / Python / javascript / work flow engine / hybrid cloud comping / quantum computing
php / tomcat / singularity / appainer / eclipse / scala / quantum secure cloud
mysql / postgresql / slurm / lustre / deep learning / large language model (LLM)