Our research is aiming to make distinct contributions in both methodological and practical aspects of the present-day “Big Data” science, especially biomedical science. We analyze diverse and heterogeneous types of genomic and biomedical data to find new knowledge and insights. Utilizing supercomputing resources, informatics and statistics approaches are used for the analysis. Over a decade ago, the representative human genome was sequenced relying on the efforts of many researchers worldwide and cost of more than one billion dollars. Nowadays, however, personal genomes are being sequenced more easily and faster at lower cost. This situation means that novel methodological advances are absolutely required for the integration and analysis of individual genomes, omics, and biomedical information (e.g., physiological and clinical information). On the basis of this view, faculty staffs majoring in bioinformatics, statistical mathematics, population genetics, and molecular evolutionary biology are actively conducting research in our laboratory. Graduate students can conduct their research in advanced computer science, massive data analysis, statistical modeling, algorithm/software development, etc., with our laboratory members. We turn out individuals who can solve flood of biomedical information from the data-driven science point of view.

Whole genome analysis on supercomputer and direction of preventive medicine

“Big” data analysis and knowledge discovery

Biological and Medical Keywords 

Population Genetics / Statistical Genetics / Human Genetic Variation
Huge Scale Data Processing / High Performance Computing / Data-driven Knowledge Discovery
Multi-Omics Approach / Mitochondrial Disease / Preventive Medicine

Information Science 

Otimization / Parameter Estimation
Discovery Science / Data Mining
Modeling / Petri net
Format / XML / Ontology / OWL
Data Structure and algorithm
Model Validation/ Model Checking/ Data Assimilation / Model Selection
Visualization / Graph layout Algorithm
High performance computing / Cloud computing
Software Development

Bioinformatics, Systems Biology related keywords

HiT-seq pipeline development
HiT-seq (DNA/RNA/ChIP Sequence) Analysis
Metabolic Pathway / Signal Transduction Pathway / Gene Regulatory Network
Biological Pathway Modeling and Simulation
Gene Expression Analysis
Pathway Database
Pathway Layout Algorithm
Pathway Data Assimilation
Pathway Model Validation and Checking

IT keywords

Java / Python / Lustre / Xen / VMWare / WebSocket / javascript
html5 / canvas / php / tomcat / hibernate / eclipse / scala
mysql / postgresql / oracle grid engine