Biomedical Information Analysis (Human Biosciences Unit for the Top Global Course Center), Center for Genomic Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
Biomedical Information Analysis (Human Biosciences Unit for the Top Global Course Center) for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research (CPIER), Kyoto University

Program-Specific Professor Masao Nagasaki
Assistant Technician Hiroki Hashimoto
Assistant Technician Akane Wada
Assistant Administrative Staff Mai Oi
Assistant Administrative Staff Miki Koyano
Technical Staff Ryoko Otokozawa
Technical Staff Yayoi Sekiya
Technical Staff Akihiro Asakura
Technical Staff Ryo Teraoka
Technical Staff Masaru Uemura
Technical Staff Shigeru Ohno
Technical Staff Yuichi Imai
Technical Staff Yoshiko Nishida
Doctoral Student Yen Yen Wang
Visiting Reseacher Olivier Gervais
Office Assistant Daiki Kurihara
Office Assistant Koki Ueda
Office Assistant Takuya Kinoshita
Office Assistant Yuri Aikawa
Office Assistant Yosuke Kuroki

(Kyoto University OB)
Satoshi Miyamoto Technical Staff
Hiromi Uchimaru Technical Staff
Olivier Gervais Program-Specific Professor
Azusa Okayama Assistant Administrative Staff
Fumi Aoi Assistant Administrative Staff
Naoko Hirata Assistant Administrative Staff
Fuku Hirano Assistant Administrative Staff

(Tohoku University OB)
Riu Yamashita Associate Professor(April 2018:National Cancer Center Japan)
Yosuke Kawai Senior Assistant Professor(August 2017:Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo; April 2019:Senior Research Fellow, Genome Medical Science Project, National Center for Global Health and Medicine; November 2021:Deputy Project Manager, Genome Medical Science Project, National Center for Global Health and Medicine)
Kaname Kojima Senior Assistant Professor(~April 2018)
Junya Yamagishi Assistant Professor(July 2014:Associate professor, Research Center for Zoonosis Control, Hokkaido university)
Naoki Nariai Assistant Professor(June 2015:Assistant Project Scientist, UCSD; June 2017:Bioinformatics Scientist 2, Illumina, Inc; December 2019:Sr Bioinformatics Scientist, Illumina, Inc; August 2021:Guardant Health, Inc)
Takanori Hasegawa Assistant Professor(October 2015:Assistant Professor, Division of Health Medical Data Science Health Intelligence Center Institute of Medical Science University of Tokyo)
Yukuto Sato Assistant Professor(August 2016:Specially Senior Assistant Professor, University of the Ryukyus; April 2021:Lecturer, Research Laboratory Center, Faculty of Medicine, University of the Ryukyus)
Yumi Yamaguchi Assistant Professor(October 2016:Assistant Professor,ToMMo Center of Genome Platform Projects,Tohoku University; April 2020:Senior Assistant Professor, Tohoku University Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization)
Shunsuke Teraguchi Assistant Professor(April 2018:Specially Appointed Associate Professor,Immunology Frontier Research Center,
Osaka University; April 2021:Associate Professor, Faculty of Data Science, Shiga University)

Tomoko F. Shibata Assistant Professor(~March 2018)
Yuki Harada Assistant Professor(July 2018:Postdoctoral Researcher,Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics,
Tottori University)

Kazuharu Misawa Assistant Professor(February 2019:Assistant Professor,Institute of Biomedical Science,KANSAI MEDICAL
UNIVERSITY; July 2021:Associate Professor, Yokohama City University)

Takahiro Mimori Research Associate(January 2019:Medical Image Analysis Team,Center for Advanced Intelligence Project,
Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)

Kazuko Ueno Researcher(2019:Academic Support Staff, Department of Human Genetics, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo; April 2021:Researcher, National Center for Global Health and Medicine)
Shigeaki Sakurai Resident Researcher (~Mar. 2017)
Satoshi Nishikawa Resident Researcher (~Mar. 2017)
Hideki Yasui Resident Researcher (~Mar. 2017)
Ryusei Shingaki Resident Researcher (~Mar. 2016)

Kyoko Ichinoseki Technical Staff (~Sep. 2017)
Noriko Matsumoto Technical Staff
Mamoru Takahashi Technical Staff
Hiroshi Utsugi Technical Staff
Takayuki Kitamura Technical Staff
Kazunari Ishida Technical Staff
Hiroshi Minami Technical Staff
Yoshitaka Aonuma Technical Staff
Daisuke Shirade Technical Staff
Shigehiro Yoshida Technical Staff
Adeyemi Adefemi Technical Staff
Yukio Oguma Technical Staff
Bin Ye Technical Staff
Ayako Okumoto Technical Staff (~Mar. 2016)
Chinatsu Gocho Technical Staff (~Mar. 2017)
Daisuke Inoue Technical Staff (~Sep. 2017)
Minoru Tateno Technical Staff (~Mar. 2018)
Akira Ono Technical Staff (~Mar. 2018)
Toshiya Hatanaka Technical Staff (~Sep. 2018)
Naomi Matsukawa Technical Staff (~Sep. 2018)
Tomoaki Chiba Technical Staff (~Oct. 2018)
Riho Mishina Device Description Staff
Tomoe Kano Device Description Staff
Emi Shoji Device Description Staff (~Jun. 2018)

Tomohiko Otsuki Graduate student(Doctoral)
Daisuke Konno Graduate student (Doctoral course)
Yuji Yoshida Graduate student(Doctoral)
Yuki Watanabe Secretary
Norie Tsuda Secretary
Atsuko Aihara Secretary(~Mar. 2018)

(Part-time Lecturer OB)
Takuji Yamada Senior Assistant Professor ,Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology,Tokyo Institute of Technology(~April.2016)
Yu Nishiyama The Institute of Statistical Mathematics(~March.2016)
Goichiro Hanaoka Advanced Cryptography Research Group,Cyber Physical Security Research Center,The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (~Apr.2016)

(Human Genome Center OB)
Itaru Kitayama Post-Doctoral Fellow
Shin Suzuki Technical Staff
Harumi Nagai Technical Staff
Yoshiaki Tanaka Post-Doctoral Fellow Technical Staff
Hiroko Tanaka Technical Staff
Georg Chalkidis Post-Doctoral Fellow
Li Chen Post-Doctoral Fellow
Georg Tremmel Post-Doctoral Fellow
Solovieva Elena Post-Doctoral Fellow
Kenichi Chiba Technical Staff
Megumi Ikeda Technical Staff
Ayumu Saito Technician
Tomohiko Otsuki Graduate student(Doctoral)

Department of cohort genome Information Analysis contribution(~March.2017)

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