SNP list of Japonica Array

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The list of Japonica array (the “List”) is distributed “AS IS” for non-commercial use in the hope that it will be useful, but in order that Tohoku University as the intellectual property right holder of the List protects its assets for the benefit of its educational and research purposes, Tohoku University makes clear that no condition is made or to be implied, nor is any warranty given or to be implied, as to the accuracy of the List, or that it will be suitable for any particular purpose or for use under any specific conditions. Furthermore, Tohoku University disclaims all responsibility for the use which is made of the List. It further disclaims any liability for the outcomes arising from using the List.

The List and its selection method are under patent pending. The List can be used for academic purposes. You are not permitted to use the List commercially. If you are interested in using the List commercially, please contact Tohoku University (

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If you use the List in your published study, please cite the following paper.

Yosuke Kawai, Takahiro Mimori, Kaname Kojima, Naoki Nariai, Inaho Danjoh, Rumiko Saito, Jun Yasuda, Masayuki Yamamoto, and Masao Nagasaki (2015) Japonica array: Improved genotype imputation by designing a population-specific SNP array with 1070 Japanese individuals. Journal of Human Genetics (in press) doi: 10.1038/jhg.2015.68.